The Final Week! :-(

Well I can’t believe we’ve come to the end of the year already! It’s really flown by and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. The children in Red Class have been an absolute joy and delight to teach and I will miss them all. We have had some good times. Thank you all so very much for being a fabulous group of supportive parents. I really appreciate it. Thank you also for all your generous cards and gifts, and especially for your kind words. Enjoy the last set of photos which show some lovely friendships (they made me cry when I watched it back!)
Have a great Summer hol.
Lots of love
Mrs Foster x

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At the seaside

With the holidays fast approaching, we decided to focus on the seaside this week and the children had fun making a “beach” to play on. (This quickly became a game of “dens” but never mind!!) They packed suitcases for holidays, created ice creams, made fabulous sea collages, painted suns and fish, played in our “rockpool” and sorted shells. We also made the most of any sunny moments by getting outside to play. It was such a shame that it rained for The Big Sing on Friday, but I’m sure you will all agree that the children performed their Beatles song brilliantly!
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Book week

Instead of a topic this week, we’ve based all our work in Red class around a different book each day. We started the week with “Rumble in the Jungle” and the children wrote about jungle animals, painted animals and made masks, then we went onto “Elmer” where they made two huge Elmers in lots of bright colours, after that it was “The fish who could wish” and the children wrote their wishes, painted fish and made wax relief underwater pictures, and then we finished the week with “The tiger who came to tea” where the children wrote lists of all the food the tiger ate, wrote speech bubbles to show what the tiger said and painted tiger pictures. It has been lovely to see the children so engaged in the stories and to hear them retelling them. We have also had a visit from our school nurse this week who reminded us (with the help of her puppets) how to wash our hands and clean our teeth properly. Additionally, every afternoon this week, the children have visited their Year 1 teacher, Mrs Felvus. They all seem to have coped with the change extremely well and seem happy about moving up. I certainly think they are ready, although I’m going to miss them all enormously. This year has just flown by!
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Olympic week

Yet another jam packed week at Anchorsholme Primary. We started our Olympic week off with a big opening ceremony where every class represented a different country in the Olympics. We were France. We made flags and told the rest of the school some facts about France. We then had a visit from the REAL Olympic torch which was very exciting. We even got to hold it! We made our own torches too which were fabulous. Our Sports Day on Tuesday was fantastic. We all had such a good time. Thank you all for coming to watch us. On Wednesday we were treated to two special shows. One was an amazing display of bike stunts and the other was a Taekwondo demonstration. On Thursday we did lots of writing and painting linked to the Olympics/Sports day and on Friday we had another mini sports day with some beanbag and running races. We are now all exhausted! We took so many photos this week that I’ve had to make two photo stories again! Sports day gets one all of it’s own!
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Healthy living

Firstly, WOW! Weren’t your lovely children just FANTASTIC in the assembly? I was soooo proud of them. Thank you all so much for coming and supporting the children. I know that they were thrilled to see you all there. It’s been another great week with us learning lots more about how to keep ourselves healthy. We have learnt all about the five senses, studied, drawn and labelled our faces, had GREAT fun washing all the dolls and their clothes outside and have made (and eaten!) some delicious healthy sandwiches. We also had a fab ball skills session with a Blackpool football coach which the children thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve added two photo stories below for you as I know you all missed last week’s pictures!
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Healthy living on PhotoPeach

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My healthy body

Welcome back everyone. I can’t believe we’re into the final half term already. This year has really flown by. As usual we have been making the most of every minute in Red class this week as we have begun our new topic “My Healthy Body”. We have learnt about which foods are good and bad for us (sorting foods and packing lunchboxes), we have conducted surveys about our hair and eye colours and made the results into bar charts, we have learnt about parts of the body and made skeletons and we have measured each other and compared our heights. We have also been doing lots of exercise to get our hearts racing! Anyway, I’m telling you far too much because this is the topic for our class assembly next Thursday, so I’ll leave the rest for the children to tell you. I’m not putting the photos on for the same reason, but you’ll see them on Thursday. 9am-see you there!

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Jubilee week

What a wonderful week we have had celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. We have learnt all about the Royal Family and how they are related and we have looked back at pictures of Queen Elizabeth’s life so far. The children have been very interested and have learnt a lot. We have also looked at the way in which many aspects of life have changed sinces the fifties. The children were fascinated with 1950’s children’s TV programmes! We have been busy with all sorts of fun Jubilee activities such as making golden carriages, painting flags, creating a collage of the Queen, designing posters and decorating biscuits. Of course, the Grand Finale was when all our practising paid off and the children performed Shake, Rattle and Roll to you all at the Jubilee Party on Friday. I was so proud of them all. Thank you all so much for coming. What a lovely afternoon.
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After planting our pea seeds, we focussed our week on minibeasts! We started the week with a minibeast hunt and found all sorts of little insects. The children seemed to be fascinated by the ladybirds they found so we painted ladybirds onto stones. They looked fab! We went onto lifecycles, starting with the lifecycle of a frog and the children were really interested. They now know all the stages. Ask them about it. After frogs, we went on to the lifecycle of a butterfly, using The Very Hungry Caterpillar as our starting point. We dressed up and acted out the story, ordered the stages in pictures, tried all the food the caterpillar eats, made paperchain caterpillars, wrote to the caterpillar about the changes he has ahead, made collage butterflies and made playdough caterpillars. Again, the children really grasped the lifecycle and should be able to tell you all about it. In our maths work we have started to look at money, so please take any opportunity you have to let your child use money in shops. We made the most of the lovely sunshine by playing out on the outdoor equipment as you can see on the photos.
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Fun at the park!

We continued our “Gardens” topic this week with a trip to the park. Look at the fun we had!
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A visit from the fairies!

Oooooh we’ve had a lovely glittery time in Red class! On Thursday morning we discovered a trail of fairy dust in our classromm and it led us outside to a real fairy ring with a little door in it. Behind the door, in a little bag, was a letter to us from the fairies! They asked if they could come and live in our garden. We were soooo excited! We got busy straight away and wrote lovely letters back to the fairies and also made a fairy garden for them, complete with fairy furniture. We also wrote our wishes down and put them in a magic wishes jar. We hope that the fairies will make them come true! We also had fun dressing up as fairies, making a sparkly fairy den, making our own wands, painting fairy pictures and reading fairy stories. So lovely!
Additionally, outside we have constructed our very own garden centre, and if you look at the second photo show you will see the children have been digging (yes, sorry about the mucky uniforms!), weeding, pruning and planting in our garden. We have made and filled seed packets and made, wrapped and sold beautiful bunches of flowers. We’ve had such a great time.
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Our garden centre on PhotoPeach

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